We Love Her

Kelly watches our two dogs Zeus and Ziggy. We absolutely love her and would not want anyone else to watch our dogs. The longest time she watched our dogs was while we were in Europe for 2 weeks and she was in touch with us every day letting us know how they were doing. She took the best care of the dogs and kept all our plants happy. She is very responsible, detail-oriented, and left the house better than the way she found it! She administered medication to one of our dogs and also stuck to their feeding/potty schedules & routines every day. Not only is Kelly so friendly and kind, but you can tell Kelly is an absolute animal lover who is very experienced in animal care – she took time to get to know both of our dogs and their individual personalities. My dog Zeus has historically been quite picky about who watches him but I can seriously tell that both the dogs absolutely adore Kelly. Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions about Kelly -I assure you she’ll take great care of your pets and/or home while you’re away!

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